EngiNova fully involved in Zephir Project

Zephir Project: unveiling the secrets of absolute glide and contributing to the ecoresponsible world of tomorrow

EngiNova is fully involved with this team of enthusiasts and modern time adventurers who seek to unveil the secrets of absolute glide. Our aim is to contribute to tomorrow’s World renewable energies and marine eco-mobility through our innovation. And to set new sailing speed records.

By unveiling the secrets of absolute glide when sailing, we will be able to « Zephirize » anything that glides in the water or in the air, by providing disruptive solutions and create innovative products that are Highly Performing / Accessible & Comfortable / Ecoresponsible.

To become at one with nature and its elements, we need to merge and combine the Best of Man and his know-how with the efficiency of the Bird and the Fish.

This is the ambitious challenge we have set ourselves with AntoineAlbeau. Our French brochure here.

Antoine is the most successful sportsman in the history of French sport with 26 world windsurfing titles and the current world windsurfing speed record holder with 53.27 knots (98.65 km/h).

The windsurf of champion Antoine Albeau is the ideal exploratory laboratory.

A perfect demonstrator of high performance with low carbon footprint.

Together, based on my philosophy of Ultraperformance, we structure #ZephirProject around people and innovation.


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