As in basic research, we must be on top of the current events, be up-to-date, in the summit of the knowledge

In addition, we dispose of the necessary knowledge allowing exploiting what exists in order to head for new combinations of technical solutions and to level off with certitude. This is based on the following points:

  • a pushed up technology watch
  • a continuous statutory watch


With this base of knowledge and a clear comprehension of need, an innovating approach can start by using tools and methods, as for example:

  • Mindmap: fun and efficient tool permitting to structure its thought by connecting around a subject all the ramifications and the sub-ramifications of the thought.
  • The The Brainstorming / Creativity: teamwork permitting to bring creativity by planning axes of thoughts as unexpected as complementary.
  • The innovating character of the database network: to work with the collaboration of persons with different know-how but with a large open-mindedness permitting very different but complementary technical solutions


3 supports are necessary to guarantee the final result and that must be particularly well thought and analyzed in order to be effective.

  • The experience feedback which permits, as a supplement to the technology watch, to use what exists and the passed projects in order to optimize the future ones.
  • Theengineering for the modelling, the sizing, the forecast by the calculation,
  • The prototypes or realizations awaiting a validation permitting the application of the chosen solution with the lowest risk, before applying it to the project in general.

In conclusion of this phase of reflection, the actionable solutions appear.

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