Main Projects 2018-2019 regarding temporary protection

The current running projects of EngiNova, regarding temporary protection, being currently driven and implemented :

  • For a sensitive pluri-annual nuclear plant project (2017-2021), EngiNova has been in charge of finding technical confinement solutions, of the training of the teams on-site and technical assistance during the the job. This work has already been done on several plants before the next projects. The technical solution is effective and validated, and support services continue. (no photos allowed)
  • Conception and supervision of a temporary access bulding to the reactor building of a French Nuclear Plant. After validation of the studies, work on these two units started in early 2018 for a first building delivered in April 2018. Studies of the second work completed in the summer of 2018 led to the realization of this second access structure. The dimensions of these 2 similar construction: Length 25m x Width 10m x Height 16m. The structure uses know-how in scaffolding, heat-shrink containment, PVC tarpaulins, insulation cladding, steel cladding, doors / locksmithing, sectional doors 4m x H5m … These buildings allow the entry into the controlled area of the personnel and the transportation of the equipment for maintenance and refurbishment work. The first construction was dismantled at the end of 2018, the second one is in operation for dismantling at the end of 2019. (no photos allowed)
  • Supervising shrinkfoil containment of 4 large furnaces of a Power Station under asbestos removal and deconstruction project (about 30.000m² on 2017 & 2018 program, South-East of France):

Travaux de confinement GME EngiNova

  • Conception and supervision of a warehouse dedicated to the post-Fukushima operations on another French nuclear plant (1000m²). After completion of the studies, the building was implemented in early 2018. It is still in operation and will be retained in 2020.
  • Piloting the refit of a large scale contaminated containment of about 15.000m3 on a CEA site (studies carried out, works completed in 2018). The area is closed and put in standby for several years. The developed process is efficient and particularly appreciated.

    Marc Amerigo… Keep it on! 😉

    Travaux de confinement GME EngiNova

These benefits strengthen our specific strategic positioning that meets the needs of major clients: an expert managerial structure that can combine and propose many technical skills and support operational leading partners in the implementation phases.

The major contractors like EDF, CEA, VINCI or BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION trust EngiNova and allow us to bring our added value to these challenging industrial projects.

Main Projects 2017-2018 regarding temporary protection

Main Projects 2016-2017 regarding temporary protection

Past achievements

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