Main 2016-2017 Projects regarding temporary protection

The last works of EngiNova, regarding temporary protection, driven and implemented:

  • Supervising shrinkfoil containment of 2 large furnaces of a Power Station under deconstruction near Paris (about 15000m²),
  • Mobile temporary ventilation system of an underground construction of a parking lot (1350m², -30m) in Monaco,
  • A very specific temporary protection of a nuclear plant reactor during a shutdown in France,
  • Ventilating an industrial welding warehouse of about 1400m² near Marseille.

These benefits strengthen our specific strategic positioning that meets the needs of major clients: an expert managerial structure that can combine and propose many technical skills and bring operational leading partners in the implementation phases.

The major contractors trust EngiNova and allow us to bring our added value to these challenging industrial projects.

Past achievements

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