Some twenty years of experience in the entrepreneurship, the project steering and the research and development are the melting pot of our so particular expertise.

AThrough repeated interventions in the so varied and complementary circles as aeronautics, automobile, petro chemistry, the nuclear plants, the maritime industry or the very particular circle of extreme sports performances (high speed in sailing, mountain bike or in motor sports), we knew how to develop a critical and innovative view on a big field of critical situations.

EngiNova is the synthesis of these years of practice offering our ” vision of solution ” to our customers.

EngiNova supports you in using the worlwide approved shrinkwrap solutions in your field.

This activity of training is officially registered in France under the registration number 93.13.16034.13 of the Préfet de Région de Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.


The business and use of temporary protections using shrinkwrap film application continues to grow rapidly throughout the world over the last twenty years. EngiNova is highly qualified in this specific area. We can assist you efficiently in acquiring this process wordwilde in the following areas:

  • Assistance in your development strategy, of your local or international department;
  • Structured training of your entire staff involved, since first stage learning up to conduct large-scale projects;
  • Sales and orientation towards the best qualified products responding to your needs;

Marc Amerigo, founder of Enginova

Engineer, graduated in 1993 from the French engineering “Grande École” “École Centrale de Lyon”, then trained at the University of Maryland in the Helicopter Research Center, as well as at the School of Management of Lyon (EM Lyon Business School). Fascinated by extreme sports, he always related his engineer’s job to the search for performance. Associated founder and President of the company GREEN CAP from 2002 till 2011, he widely participated in the development of the activity of industrial confinement during this period in numerous branches of industry. Entrepreneur at heart, EngiNova is the fruit of these years of experience.He is also a Professional Speaker performing in France and abroad about ” Innovating and Performing together in complex environments “. Linkedin profile

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