(With the collaboration of CARSAT) – French registered paten

The problem: the development of confined spaces on Sailing and MotorYachts in refit works caused the appearance of a problem connected with Labor Law inside a confined space. The CARSAT (governmental controllers of working conditions) was essential on the searching of the best solution. The key point was to be able to suggest a simple implementation for its economic feasibility, permitting to obtain very good filtration and aeraulic performances inside the confined volume around the Yacht.

Brought solution: a set containing blowing and extraction machines associated with boxes of filtration and girdles of diffusion extruded in plastic film. The good sizing of this material allowed obtaining very good performances with regard to the lightness of the installation. This technical solution validated by CARSAT was the object of a French patent registration and was exploited on numerous projects, including on very big scale.


Containment for temperature control

Problem: in workshop, works of measures of precision of a large-dimension tool (approximately 10m diameter) must be made in a stabilized temperature atmosphere +/-1.5°C to feign the future phase of exploitation. Upstream to this stage, the same room had to contain works of sandblasting on the very same tool.

Brought solution: a containment constituted by an envelope in heat-shrinkable film was assembled on scaffolds. The roof was mounted on a system of removable belts, and two different and successive installations of air treatment, allowing filtering the dust and controlling the temperature. The system of extraction had to evacuate the used air towards the outside of the building by light exhausting pipes that crossed several premises and zones of storage.


The problem: concerning a project of construction of an underground car park, the customer was faced to a problem of air quality for his workers during applications on the ground of the cover asphalt and resin. The request was to propose a temporary solution of air purification during these phases.

Brought solution: to answer effectively, it was necessary to us to recreate a space which could be possible to ventilate by forcing the movement of the air masses as wished. We created a tunnel (approximately 150m length) made by walls in heat-shrinkable film. During the asphalt works, machines blew the air inside from the car park entrance, air ventilators were movable with the works to relay and push the air inside, and the extraction of air at the opposite extremity. A wide airlock of access made by strips allowed the entrance and way out of the construction machines without perturbing the stabilized airflows inside the volume. The result was appreciated by the workers and the inspectors and was the object of an article in ” Safety and works”.

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